Best Paddle Boards – Naish Nalu AST Stand-Up Paddle Board

Best Paddle Boards always attempt to find the best SUP boards to showcase to our readers. And we have found that the bestselling paddle board from Naish can provide for the needs of those with interest in paddle boarding and surfing alike. Because of its stable and lightweight design, it’s very easy to manage whether one is on or off the water. This eye-catching board is a chameleon, shaping it to the needs of beginners and seasoned riders too.

Customer Testimonials

  • “I think this Naish paddle board will work well for people with different skill levels. Novice users will like it because it’s easy to stand on and gain balance. It’s also easy to control and maneuver. Since this is a lightweight paddle board, it is also easy to carry. I’m sure advanced paddlers and surfers will like it too, as it can be used in a wide range of water situations.” – Adventuresun,
  • “The Naish Nalu stand up paddle board is a great for paddle boarding and I always use it to paddle around the harbor. It’s easy to use and I like the bright yellow color!” – Paddling Mags,


Naish NALU AST Stand-Up Paddle Board Key Features

  • Length – This model of stand up paddle board has a length of 11 feet and 6 inches which makes it easy to maneuver on flat water and wavy situations as well.
  • Stable Platform – It has a width of 29 inches; and its high volume provides for a stable platform for all paddle boarding sizes.
  • Construction – This stand up paddle board is mainly comprised of fiberglass and wood materials.
  • Speed and Control – This unit comes with a low rocker plan from the nose to the tail. This makes it possible to control the board steadily and speed up on flat water and waves.
  • Flat Bottom – This SUP board  has a flat bottom that supports speed and stability. And the hard rail design and loose tail platform allow it to perform well in diverse situations.
  • Diamond-Grooved Deck – The deck’s design helps provide efficient traction when paddle boarding or surfing.
  • Carry Handle – It has a built-in carrying handle that’s ergonomically designed so as to facilitate effortless transportation.
  • Center Fin – A center fin that measures 10.5 inches is included in the package. Using this will allow for better tracking on the water.


         Learn How to Ride A Naish Nalu Stand Up Paddle Board

Naish Nalu Stand UP Paddle Board Specs

Brand: Naish

Model: Nalu AST

Materials: Fiberglass and Wood

Core Material: EPS Foam

Length: 11.6 feet

Weight: 29 pounds

Thickness: 5.5 inches

Volume: 231 liters

Nose: 22 inches

Mid Deck: 29 inches

Tail: 17.75 inches

Center Fin: 10.5 inches

Maximum Weight Capacity: 280 pounds

A Closer Look at the Construction

In a nutshell, Best Paddle Boards can simply say that the Naish Nalu AST Stand UP Paddle Board has a combination of fiberglass and wood materials. The fiberglass construction is reinforced by wood in the stance area so as to provide the paddle boards with a rigid build. The core part, on the other hand, is made up of EPS foam.

The Center Handle

We’re quite aware of the difficulty of carrying a paddle board because of its size and weight. The nice thing about this model of SUP board is that the carrying handle is not just a flat-designed slot with finger holes on it. Instead, the center handle area is formed like a ledge, so you can effectively get a grip on the unit by placing your fingers inside the paddle board.


Stable – It’s easy to maneuver in flat and wavy waters.

Versatile Design – Paddlers and surfers of diverse skills can use it.

Easy to Clean – The board easily dries up.

Durable – It is made of fiberglass and wood materials.

Easy to Carry – It’s lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle too.


Price – The Naish Nalu AST SUP board is priced higher than standard models of paddle boards because of its materials (fiberglass and wood).


Our Recommendation

Best Paddle Boards finds the Naish Nalu AST SUP board to be a beautiful and versatile product. Its overall appeal and construction will surely make paddle boarding so much safer and fun as well. As this model is made of fiberglass and wood components, we can say that it’s more durable than models that are made exclusively of plastic. For those concerned with durability, the Naish stand up paddle board has more to offer than the inflatable SUP’s too.

Beginners can easily stand on this board because it has a stable design. Paddle boarders can then refine their sense of balance as they get used to paddling on this board. Advanced and seasoned riders, on the other hand, can use this SUP in harnessing and developing their paddling and surfing skills. As this board is capable of handling diverse water situations, you can use it on flat and wavy waters. If you’re not concerned about scratching its design and surface, you can even take it on your adventures with the rapids.

For such a versatile and multi-functional board, we can say that this SUP from Naish is well worth every penny. We absolutely love it and recommends it highly.


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Best Paddle Boards Reviews Surftech Laird Wood Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Best Paddle Boards went on a search for a paddle board that can also be used as a surf board; and we found the Surftech Laird Wood stand up paddle board to fit the bill perfectly. This unobtrusive Sup board can be used by novice stand up paddle boarders as well as seasoned surfers on both flat and wavy waters. Because of its high quality materials of wood and fiberglass components, this model is really quite durable. It is also equipped with features and characteristics that allow it to handle long distance trips on diverse water situations.

Best Paddle Boards - Surftech Laird Stand Up Paddle Boards

Surftech Stand Up Paddle Board Key Features

  • Stable Platform – This Surftech Stand Up Paddle Board has a length of 12.1 feet, volume of 206 liters, and width of 32 inches.
  • Construction – The materials used on this SUP board consist of fiberglass, wood veneer, epoxy lamination, and EPS foam.
  • Maneuverability – It has a narrow tail that has a thin design to allow for easy and flowing turns when moving on the water. The center fin can also be aligned with the side fins so as to facilitate smooth control of the board.
  • Glide – The paddle board’s nose width is designed to extend up to the mid deck section of the unit to provide for additional stability. The slight concave on the nose part and the flat bottom also enhances fluid glide on flat water.
  • Surf Compatible – It has a tapered foil nose plan; and the tail part works effectively with the low and thin rails when surfing. The tail rocker also allows the board to have a loose characteristic when maneuvering through waves.
  • Fins – This model of paddle board uses center fin and side fins to allow for straight tracking.
  • Carry Handle – This stand up paddle board comes equipped with a carrying handle for convenient transportation.

Surftech Laird Stand UP Paddle Board Specs

Brad: Surftech

Model: Laird Wood

Materials: Wood, Fiberglass, Epoxy Lamination, Wood Veneer

Core Material: EPS Foam

Length: 12.1 feet

Weight: 28 pounds

Thickness: 4.25 inches

Volume: 206 liters

Nose: 23.25 inches

Mid Deck: 32 inches

Tail: 20 inches

Center Fin: 7.5 inches

Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

Surftech Stand Up Paddle Board Warranty

Surftech backs this model of SUP board up with a 1-year warranty.

Paddle Boarding Instruction

Heavy Duty Construction

When our team of reviewers here at Best Paddle Boards found the Surftech paddle board, we immediately looked at the unit’s construction and built. We are greatly impressed by the high quality materials that comprise this model since it uses an epoxy board in a sandwiched design. The core is made of EPS foam which is sealed in fiberglass and epoxy resin, making it waterproof and buoyant. A final coating of wood veneer is also added on the top layer of the board along with gloss resin to make it even more durable and appealing.

Designed for Paddle Boarding and Surfing

We give credit to Bob Pearson who designed this model of Surftech stand up paddle board. By working directly with famous surfer Laird Hamilton, a paddle board as highly esteemed as the Laird Wood has been produced. Its classic look backed by professional performance makes it suitable for both paddle boarding and surfring alike. And beginners as well as seasoned riders can enjoy using it too.


Durable Design– It is mainly comprised of wood and    fiberglass materials.

Portable – This SUP board is incorporated with a carrying handle to facilitate easy transportation.

Warranty – It comes with limited 1year warranty.

Easy to Maneuver – This paddle board is loaded with features that make it easy to control and maneuver on the water.

Multi-Functional – The board can be used for paddle boarding and surfing.


Big and Bulky – This model of SUP board is quite bulky since it’s designed to be lengthy and wide on the mid-deck.


Our Recommendation

The Surftech Laird Wood SUP is really quite appealing to the eyes as it has that overall wood appearance. And because it also makes use of fiberglass and EPS foam, it also gives us the impression that it’s going to last for a long time while providing riders with the best performance on the water. This paddle board is also equipped with technological features that make it truly responsive to one’s control and handling.

Considering the price, versatility, materials, and durability of the unit, we can confidently say that this paddle board is well worth investing in. We recommends it to hobbyists and sports people who love paddle boarding and surfing.

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Best Paddle Boards – Ocean Kayak 11-Feet Nalu Hybrid SUP

We found a really interesting model of stand up paddle board. And we believe that right now, it’s the only one of its kind. You see, this stand up paddle board also functions as a kayak, so you can use it as a boat when you get tired of paddle boarding.

Best Paddle Boards noted that customers seem to be pleased with its performance too. In fact you will not find any major issues that are related to this SUP board/ kayak. It is even highly praised for its price. It’s a 2-in-1 product that’s very reasonably priced.  Having a relative who owns his own surf shop in Thousand Oaks, California, means we reviewers, paddle board zealots all, get to try the gear out on our favorite body of water. And so in this instance, we get to add our own voices to the happy hoards who wanted to document their experience with the hybrid board

  Customer Testimonials

  • “I was looking for a kayak, but saw this 2-in-1 boat/ SUP board so I bought it instead. It’s very easy to handle and I already felt like a pro after only 1 hour. I use the SUP functionality most of the time, but when I get tired I switch to kayak. And when I get tired from using the kayak, I stand back up to do more stand up paddle boarding.” – Marina Del Rey,
  • “This thing functions well as a kayak and SUP board without sacrificing quality and performance. The Roto-molded hard plastic is indestructible, and it costs almost the same as a regular stand-up paddle board. We really have a winner in this the Ocean Kayak Nalu Stand Up Paddle Board; it can be sold as either a kayak or SUP because it’s a 2 in 1 boat/ board. Even the best paddle boards don’t have this feature” – Nalu Fan,
  • “I can stand comfortably on this stand up paddle board, but I suggest getting a backrest if you intend to use it as a kayak. I have 3 kayaks in my possession, but this one is my favorite because it’s the fastest and most versatile.” – im dragon,
  • “I like it a lot as a SUP board, it cuts through flat water better than other paddle boards. And it’s more stable too. It’s not as fast, though, since it’s quite wide. It works fine as a kayak too; and the materials used are unbreakable. It’s a little heavy, but it’s worth it.” – California Paddler,
  • “This is an awesome board/ boat. It’s great for beginning paddle boarders who are just starting out on kayaking and paddling since it’s very stable. The materials are really hard and solid too; only a mad Poseidon can destroy it. It may not be as fast as a fiberglass SUP but it’s still good, considering the dual functionality, construction, and price.” – Wadai,


Best Paddle Boards - Ocean  Kayak 11-ft  Nalu Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Boards

Best Paddle Boards – Ocean Kayak 11-Feet Nalu Hybrid SUP Key Features

  • Hybrid Design – This model works as a kayak and SUP. You can sit on top of it and use it as a boat, or stand up on the board and paddle.
  • Hull Mechanism – This stand up paddle board has a wave-piercing style integrated with a broad hull and tri-fin functionality.
  • Convertible Paddle – The paddle has interchangeable blades for kayak-use and SUP-use.
  • Foot Well – It’s incorporated with padded foot wells for comfort and secure footing when paddle boarding.
  • Carrying Handles – Carry handles are mounted on the sides of the board to facilitate easy transportation. It also helps the user to climb up the boat when coming in from the water.


Best Paddle Boards – Ocean Kayak Nalu Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board Specs

Brand: Ocean

Model: Nalu Hybrid SUP

Materials: Polyethylene

Core Materials: Hollow Core

Length: 11ft.

Weight: 42 pounds

Thickness: 8 inches

Volume: 300 liters

Nose: 10 inches

Mid Deck: 31 inches

Tail: 19 inches

Center Fin:

Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 to 275 pounds

Is This A Paddle Board Or A Kayak?

Best Paddle Boards proudly declares that the Nalu Hybrid SUP board is both a kayak and a stand-up paddle board. It’s only a mini kayak, as it only has a 1-seater capacity. As an SUP board, it functions just like any other board which can be used for flat water cruising and moderate surfing.

What’s it Made Of?

The official term for the materials used on this stand up paddle board is called Polyethylene. The term may not be that easy to understand so Best Paddle Boards will try to explain it in simple terms: hard plastic. Or maybe, we should say very hard plastic. You see, this type of material is considered to be indestructible, that it doesn’t even crack. And in spite of having the quality of being flexible in the water, it maintains its stiffness too.

Fantastic Design

This model has a Tri-Hall style. The center keel area is long so as to guarantee straight tracking when cruising on the waters. Best Paddle Boards notes that this design makes it easy to control on waves and flat water whether you are using it as a SUP or as a kayak.


Rugged Design – It is made of hard/flexible materials; the board/boat is virtually indestructible.

Stable – It floats steadily on the water.

Easy to Transport – The unit has 2 carrying handles incorporated on the sides.

2-in1 – You can use it as a kayak or as a SUP.

Fast – Its tri-fin design allows it to track great and speed up on the water.


Weight – Since it’s made of heavy duty materials and made to function as a kayak too, this SUP board is quite heavy to lug around.

Best Paddle Boards – Our Recommendation

Best Paddle Boards is really impressed with this SUP/ kayak combination from Ocean Kayak. Aside from serving 2 purposes, it is also made of really hard plastic materials. It makes it comparable to wood and fiberglass, minus the steep price. In fact the price of this model is very similar to standard models of stand-up boards. And yet, it functions as a boat (mini kayak) too.

And did you see the way it looks? It’s really sharp looking. It can serve as a fun toy for recreational activities; and you can also use it for exercise since paddling a kayak and SUP can work on different muscle groups on the body.

We really can’t see any negative issues with this SUP/ kayak, except for its weight. But the little extra weight more than makes up for its dual-purpose design, don’t you think? And since it’s suitable for flat and wavy waters, you can even take it surfing. So now it functions in three different ways; you can use it for paddle boarding, or it can be used as a boat or a surf board.  Maybe you’ll figure out how to use all three at once — ha ha. Best Paddle Boards says the Ocean Kayak Naul Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board is a great SUP board with a great value!


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Best Paddle Boards – BIC Sport ACS with Adjustable Paddle

Best Paddle Boards found the BIC Sport ACS Paddle Board to carry balanced features of length, width, and thickness, which are all important in the sport of paddle boarding.  All these characteristics will provide for a stable platform while on the water, as well as maneuverability in diverse situations. We think that it can provide for the basic needs of beginners and intermediate riders of different skill levels. And anyone can have a great time using it either for sports or recreational activities

Customer Testimonials

  • “The BIC Sport paddle board is stable for me, and I’m 6”2” and 198 pounds. It’s also a great board for bringing along the kids. I like it a lot, and I can see that it would be great for beginners who are training to advance to intermediate level in paddle boarding.” – Brandie Thomas,
  • “I was a little nervous at first but the SUP is very stable. I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now and I just love it. It’s also good for exercising the core muscles. I have already lost two inches off my waistline through constant paddling.” – jacco,
  • “You’ll love this SUP if you are just beginning with paddle boarding. It’s stable and it has an adjustable paddle too. And that really helps a lot as our kids like using it too.” – ASCragin,
  • “It’s a great beginner paddle board, and I was the first one in our neighborhood to get it, so everybody lined up to see how it works. It has a nice built and it’s easy to control and maneuver. Very stable. The price is reasonable too.” – Unityman,
  • “We are happy with our purchase! The paddle board is stable and easy to maneuver. It works, even on rapid twists and turns. It’s also good that the paddle height is adjustable.” – M. Fife,

Best Paddle Boards – BIC Sport ACS Paddle Board with Adjustable Paddle Key Features                                  

Best Paddleboards - BIC Sport ACS with Adjustable Paddle

  • Adjustable Aluminum Paddle – The aluminum paddle that comes with this paddle board can be adjusted anywhere from 170cm to 210cm in length.
  • Construction – This model of stand-up paddle board is mainly constructed using Polyethylene materials on the outer shell and full foam on the core.
  • Deck Pad – It comes with an integrated deck pad to provide for comfort and better traction.
  • Carry Handle – This SUP comes with a built-in carrying handle to facilitate easy transportation.
  • Consistent Shape – This model of paddle board is thermoformed using steel molds. It has a consistent shape that can provide for the best performance while on the water.
  • 2 Available Sizes – The Sports ACS SUP board from BIC comes in two sizes, you can get the 10.4 feet or the 11.4 feet model.


Best paddle boards – BIC Sport ACS Paddle Board Specs

Brand: BICBest Paddleboards - BIC Sport ACS with Adjustable  Paddle

Model: Sport ACS

Sizes: 10.4 feet or 11.4 feet

Weight: 35 or 41 pounds

Width: 31 or 32 inches

Volume: 175 or 205 liters

Fin Size: 10 inches

Board Shaper: P. Hosking

A Closer Look at the Design

Best Paddle Boards carefully inspected the BIC Sports ACS and found that it carries great handling features as well as even volume distribution. These qualities make the paddle boarding easy to ride on when on flat water. You can even manage to maneuver and control it through small waves.

Construction and Built

In order to make average paddlers understand this model of SUP’s construction, Best Paddle Boards will try to explain it in simple terms. The outer shell on this board is made up of Polyethylene materials; this is very similar to those used in kayaks, but just a little lighter. The foam core, on the other hand, is made of full Polyurethane; so it’s very much like a surf board. All in all, we can say that it’s mainly made of hard plastic, although it may look like fiberglass to the naked eyes.


Stable – It is easy to ride on and maneuver, even for beginners.

  Adjustable Paddle – People of different heights can use the paddle.

Price – This is one of the most affordable models of dehumidifier that you will find on the market.

Durable – This paddle board is constructed using high quality materials.

Versatile Design – Both beginner and intermediate paddlers will enjoy this SUP.


HeavySome consumers found this paddle board to be quite heavy, thereby making it a little difficult to manage when not in the water.

Best Paddle Boards – Our Recommendation

Best Paddle Boards likes the versatility of the BIC Sports ACS paddle board. This is an all-around board, and paddlers of different sizes and abilities can make use of it. The materials used in its construction are durable, and the price is very affordable too. This model is mainly made of hard plastic, so it’s so much cheaper than fiberglass and wood SUPs. Affordable paddle boarding is definitely a plus.

Because of its built and design, the board is stable and easy to maneuver on flat water. It can also handle small waves, making it ideal for beginners as well as intermediate paddlers. Best paddle boards finds this model to be truly user-friendly and well-made; and it comes in an unbeatable price too.

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